Three Favourite Quotes From My First UX Conference- UX+ 2020

1. We study behaviours, not features- Rannie Teodoro

Letters to UX by Rannie Teodoro was one of the most resonating talks in the UX+ 2020 event. I honestly had a difficult time picking my favourite quote from Rannie. In her talk, she shared her journey from academia, to researcher, then to product design at Facebook, and now Head of Design at Thumbtack.

2. There’s no such thing as a neutral platform- Sheryl Cababa

The reputation of Big Tech has been under question ever since the days of Cambridge Analytica. The latest documentary by Rappler sheds light on the negative impact that social media has had in radicalising right-wing populism.

Anticipating the ramifications of our work.

3. Be Considerate- Niaw de Leon

When the UX+ 2020 lineup came out, I’ll admit I was probably most excited for Niaw de Leon. Rarely do people cover UX copywriting, even though words play a significant part in our experience. And also, as a frustrated copywriter, I always wanted to see someone cover copy.

Different ways people from other countries say take out food. Guess which one is used most frequently in the Philippines.

*Bonus- Imposter syndrome never leaves you, you just get better at handling it- CSJ

Imposter syndrome is something every creative goes through on their journey. To some extent, it’s almost inevitable. You will always feel like you just started, not good enough, or even lost. I had doubts if I should even write and post about my UX+ experience, since I’m not a design leader. But the feeling of imposter syndrome shouldn’t stop you from getting started.

Last sneak-in quote. Don’t wait to be invited to start. Just start.



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